Introducing the Praxis Method

Praxis refers to the practical application of academic concepts, insights and techniques to realise business objectives. It is bridging the gap between theory and practice to achieve goals.

For those running businesses, engaging with academic content before taking action may feel time consuming or not necessary. Executives tend to learn by doing. But learning on the job only gets you so far. Alignment comes from implementing good ideas, by making intelligent choices. Continuing to plough on with old habits or outdated processes is often where misalignment arises in the first place.

The focus of the Praxis Method is not on what to think, but rather on how to think – to ask the right questions, to have better conversations, and to make the best choices possible in an uncertain business environment. Where better to turn for a different perspective than research?

Think of us like a facilitator

Our role is to hold space for you and your leadership team to question existing practices that may be causing misalignment, and reach future-proofed solutions to the problems at hand. Using ideas and provocations from research and scholarship, we’ll help guide productive conversations.

But the game-changing ideas will come from you, the team who knows the business inside out. Through interviews, coaching and workshops, we’ll help you unlock the answers needed to realign your company, then we’ll provide you with evidence-based frameworks, enabling you to put your great ideas into practice long-term.

With the support of the Praxis Method, executives will have the power to articulate their business’ purpose, formulate their strategy, identify capabilities within the organisation, and realign siloed teams behind one uniting vision, ensuring that all component parts are aligned for optimal performance.

Agree on your vision then actualise it

Effective praxis requires ongoing monitoring and adjustment of strategies to ensure that they remain aligned with changing market conditions and internal factors. Praxis involves collaboration between different departments and stakeholders and regular measurement of progress and areas for improvement. There’s immense value in co-creation and evolution.